Volume 2 -- December 2007

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Measuring the Impact of Higher Education on Racial Prejudice and Opposition to Race-Based Policy
Timothy D. Levonyan Radloff
page 1

Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Gendering of Sexual Identity: A Contemporary Analysis
Nicole LaMarre
page 16

George Herbert Mead’s Theory of the Self: Applied Film and Literature Analysis with Implications for a Right to Self and a Right to Place
Barbara J. Lowe
page 27

Gendered Images in Sport Films: What Message is Being Sent?
Emily Dane
page 45

An Evaluation of an After-School Program’s Effectiveness in Preventing Juvenile Delinquency and Substance Use: A Test of the Social Development Model
Flavia J. Rivera and Timothy A. McCorry
page 65

Asylums and Open Institutions:
MacIntyre, Goffman and Wiseman on Practice versus Ideology
Timothy J. Madigan
page 85

Basic Concepts of Sports Gambling :
An Exploratory Review
Tim Delaney
page 93

Laura J. McClusky, Wells College
Tim McCorry, Buffalo State College
Paul Fuller, St. John Fisher College
Michael I. Niman, Buffalo State College

Michael I. Niman, Buffalo State College

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