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“Social Change and the Sociological Imagination”
New York State Sociological Association
Sixty-Fourth Annual Meeting

September 30th & October 1st
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

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Rochester Institute of Technology, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology are proud to host the NYSSA annual meeting for 2016.

This year’s conference comes at a time of contesting efforts for social change in many areas including class, race, gender, immigration and sexual identity.  Black Lives Matter, immigration restrictions, Occupy and right-to-work and are prominent examples.  It is also a presidential election year marked by contentious campaigning within and between the two major parties over these issues, the result of which will likely be historical.  Social scientists in general and sociologists in particular who wish to explore our times meaningfully might draw from the opus of C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) whose centennial is this August.  How might the revered “quality of mind” that links personal troubles to the social structure help explain and assess social change in light of cultural, economic and political milieux of our time? 

Thus, the Conference title is, “Social Change and the Sociological Imagination.”  We seek submissions on various topics in sociology and related academic fields as well as in the areas of social change or Mills’ legacy. 

Email proposals to

Submission Deadline September 1, 2016

Speakers:  We are very fortunate to have two scholars with extensive involvement in and deep commitment to social movements; their work proves we can combine theory and praxis.

Keynote Speaker: (Friday, September 30th)  We're especially pleased to welcome our keynote speaker Ruth Milkman (Ph.D. UC Berkeley), Distinguished Professor at the CUNY Graduate Center and this year’s President of the American Sociological Association.  Ruth was among the first scholars to study and publish on women’s labor history and gender at work.  She has written and co-authored numerous books on labor and social movements including restructuring of the auto industry, low-wage immigrant labor, immigrant labor organizing, paid family leave policy, Occupy Wall Street and millennial social movements.  Recognizing her commitment to workplace justice beyond academia, the ASA awarded her its Public Understanding of Sociology Award in 2013, saying, “...sociologists such as Professor Ruth Milkman opt not to stay in their ivory towers, but instead jump into the fray and get their hands dirty so that the public will better understand the underlying social issues governing their lives and politics.”

Luncheon Speaker: (Saturday, October 1st)  Harry Murray, Professor of Sociology at Nazareth College, and Director of the Peace and Justice Studies Program, has been involved with the peace and justice movements for over thirty-five years.  Arrested countless times for civil disobedience, his most recent work is protest against the use of military drones.  As one of his students put it, “He takes the hard line — that of nonviolence based upon gospel ethics — and he lives it. He embodies that peace."

Presentations and Panels:  A diverse set of panels and papers has been formed thus far.  Maneuvering graduate study in sociology; alienated labor and gender in academic labor; social sustainability in the dairy industry; environmental sociology, university governance; and transgender relationships are some of the topics to be presented.  Special panels on Rochester-area sociologists, and author-meets-critics have also been proposed.

Hotel Information

HOTEL NEWS:  The RADISSON HOTEL is perfectly close to the RIT campus, and it is offering to set aside a block of rooms at a reduced rate of $101 per night for the Conference.  And, it is within walking distance of Park Point, a complex of cafes, pubs, restaurants and Barnes and Noble bookstore.

You must call in your reservation by SEPTEMBER 1st and say the code:  “1609 NYSSA 1” 

CALL  (800) 333-3333  or  (585) 475-1910,


For more information please contact Vincent Serravallo, NYSSA President at, or 585-442-0481