New York State Sociological Association
Keynote Addresses

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Year            Keynote Address

2006        John Macionis:  "Sociology Confronts the World: Past, Present and Future"

2005        Nancy Denton:  “Inequality and Place”

2004        Jonathan H. Turner:  “The Micro-Emotional Basis of Terrorism”

2003        Richard D. Alba:  “Bright vs. Blurred Boundaries: Second Generation Assimilation and
                Exclusion in Comparative Perspective”

2002        Elizabeth G. Cohen:  “Producing Equitable Classrooms: Sociology at Work”

2001        Earl Babbie:  “Is Sociology a Science?”

2000        Dennis H. Wrong:  “Diversity: Catchword and Problem”

1999        Louis Kriesberg:  “Reflections on Constructive Conflicts”

1998        Judith Lorber:  “The Socially Constructed Body: Insights from Feminist Theory”

1997        Jeffrey Noyes:   “Tour of the Oneida Community”

1996        George Zito:    “ANIMA/PERSONA/ROLE”

1995        Irving Louis Horowitz:  “The Decomposition of Sociology and the Reconstruction of Social
                Science in America”

1994        Murray Strauss:  “Corporal Punishment by Parents and Assaults on Spouses: What Explains
                the Links?

1993        Immanuel Wallerstein:   “Whither Social Science? Intellectual and Organizational Dilemmas”

1992        SESSION THEME: The European Encounter: 1492-1992

1991        Jeff Noyes and Doris Wester Miga:  “Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Oneida Community”

1990        Charles V. Willie:   “Social Theories and Social Problems: Contributions from Applied

1989        William Kornblum:  “Coming of Age in Harlem”

1988        William C. McCord:   “The Dawn of the Pacific Century: Reasons for Asian Development”

1986        Alfred McClung Lee:   “Sociology for Whom?

1985        Robert K. Merton:   “The Matthew Effect in Science II: Cumulative Advantage and the
                Symbolism of Intellectual Property”

1984        Amitai Etzioni:   “Sociologists and Their Society”

1983        Arthur J. Vidic:   “Self, Community, and Civil Society”

1982        J. Milton Yinger:  “Ethnic and Racial Relations in American Communities: The Continuing
                Struggle for Equality”

1981        Robin M. Williams, Jr.:  “Resolving and Restricting International Conflicts”

1980        Ephraim H. Mizruchi, Donald T. Campbell and Richard D. Schwarty
                Panel Discussion: “Experimental Sociology”

1979        Lewis M. Killian:  “Conflicting Definitions of the Racial Crisis in America, 1960-1980”

1978        Alfred McClung Lee:  “Social Factors Influencing Sociology as a Discipline”

1977        Lord Albert Murray, M.P.:  “The Humanization of Work in Contemporary Society”

1976        Irwin Deutscher:  “Being Helpful: Applying New Evaluation Methods to the ASA
                Teaching Project”

1975        Alfred McClung Lee:   “How Sociologists Can Work Together”

1974        Rose L. Coser:  “Stay Home Little Sheba: On Placement, Displacement and Social

1973        Lewis A. Coser:   “The Sociology of Power Revisited”

1972        John Weakland:  “Sociologizing New Town: Participant Observation of Columbia,

1971        Emanual A. Schegloff:  “Ethnomethodology”

1969        Peter Munch:  “The Danish Folk School Movement”

1968        Irwin T. Sanders:  “New International Frontiers for Anthropology and Sociology”

1965        George C. Homans:  “What Sort of a Science is Social Science?”